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One of the most important—and special—aspects of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program is the scholarly community that we form. We are an interdisciplinary community of researchers, writers, and thinkers who support each other through the independent work process by providing feedback and encouragement. Throughout the fellowship, each MMUF fellow works to develop his/her own scholarly voice by pursuing an independent research project. This project might be, or lead to, the JP and Senior Thesis--or it might be an additional academic pursuit.

Think about the ideas and issues that most excite you. If you were to work on an independent project of your own choosing over the next two years, what research would you pursue? In approximately 500 words, describe your potential project in concrete terms: what is your main research question? What do we already know about this issue/topic? What do you still hope to learn? How might you get started on this research? And why is this an important project to you—and to the larger academic community?

Please also suggest one or two faculty members at Princeton with whom you might like to work on this project.

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Faculty Name and Department

The fundamental objective of the MMUFP is to address, over time, the underrepresentation of minorities in college and university faculties.  To achieve this goal, the program aims to increase the number of students from underrepresented minority (URM) groups who pursue PhDs, and to support the pursuit of PhDs by students who are not URMs but who have otherwise demonstrated a commitment to the goals of MMUFP (please see the national website for more information: 

In the space below, describe in 500 words your interest in and motivation for an academic career that would further the objectives of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program.  Please describe the academic (or non-academic) experiences that have contributed to your desire to pursue a career in teaching, research, and mentorship.


Please upload a current resume. If you need help, see the Career Services website:

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Please submit an analytical paper or excerpt, written for a college course, of not fewer than 5 and not more than 10 typed pages.  The paper need not be in the field you wish to pursue as an undergraduate concentration at Princeton. You should choose a paper that best demonstrates a strong motivating question, argumentative thesis, and careful analysis and integration of evidence.

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Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx.
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An official copy of your Princeton transcript needs to include ALL of your undergraduate coursework, including the Fall 2015 semester.  To order a Princeton transcript, go to the Registrar’s web site at Please attach it to your application materials.

"In addition, if applicable, order official transcripts of ALL of your courses taken away from Princeton (domestic and abroad).  You should request an original from the school’s Registrar.  Even if your courses taken away from Princeton are recorded on your Princeton transcript, you must provide an original transcript from the university or program.


Please attain two (2) faculty recommendations attesting to your academic achievement, motivation for research and potential for graduate study. Your recommendations must be submitted via email as a word doc or pdf no later than Wednesday March 23rd at 5pm in order to be considered.  Recommenders should email letters directly to Christy Kahler at   (Recommendations cannot be mailed or forwarded from your email account).  Please note that these recommenders do not need to be the same faculty members that you suggested as potential research mentors above.

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