• Toyin Edogun

    Toyin Edogun is a third-year student from a small suburb outside of Nashville, TN. She is currently a Mellon Mays Residential Associate who is pursuing her African American Studies degree through the subfield of African American Culture and Life. Her research interests are primarily focused on the ways that ordinary African Americans engaged in resistance against oppression through leisure or small acts of rebellion. After completing her undergraduate degree, Toyin plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in History before going on to be a professor of African American History.

  • Rasheeda Saka

    Rasheeda Saka is a third-year student in the English Department, pursuing certificates in African-American Studies and Creative Writing. At Princeton, she is a Mellon Mays Fellow, Peer Academic Advisor for Rocky College, member of the English Department’s Undergraduate Advisory Council, and the co-Editor-in-Chief of the Nassau Literary Review.

  • Kenji Cataldo

    Kenji Cataldo is a junior in the Program in History of Science pursuing a certificate in South Asian studies. Interested broadly in the history of medicine, Kenji has conducted oral history research on acupuncture in the Princeton area and wrote his fall junior paper on the Zika epidemic in Puerto Rico. His current research explores the relationship between alchemical medicine and Eucharistic doctrine in Reformation-era Germany.

  • Yousef Elzalabany

    Yousef Elzalabany is a junior majoring in Near Eastern Studies with a certificate in Humanistic Studies. He is interested in the intellectual history of the Arab and Islamicate world, as well as the history of transnational solidarity movements, particularly between regions of Latin America and the Middle East. He is a strong proponent the inclusion of the Middle Eastern intellectual tradition in the Western humanistic canon.

  • Matthew Oakland

    Matthew Oakland, proudly hailing from Sacramento, California, is a member of the class of 2020. As a Mellon Mays Fellow, he hopes to diversify the academy, an ambition he plans to achieve through the pursuit of a Ph.D. program on his way to becoming a professor.

  • Jaylin Lugardo

    Jaylin Lugardo is a current junior from Newark, New Jersey. She is pursuing a concentration in Classics, with certificates in Hellenic Studies and Humanistic Studies. Her research interests engage with the role of citizenship in the construction of Greek identity after the 5th century, specifically looking at the change in status of ancient Macedonians in Greece leading up to and during the reign of Philip II and Alexander the Great.

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